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About Mr. Podcast:

I am Mr. Podcast - but you can just call me MP.

I've been doing podcasts and radio for 20 years. 

My real name is Rasmus Mark Pedersen but because of my last name, I’ve always been called MP. And that slowly developed my brand as a podcasting coach as Mr. Podcast.

I am an experienced journalist and I have 20 years of experience with creating, planning, producing, hosting and publishing podcasts and radio shows. 

I have been working for all the major Danish public service media: Danish Broadcasting Corporation, Radio24syv and Radio LOUD. 

I have also been creating independent podcasts and I know the nerdy technical stuff to be able to create a great sound and make people listen. Furthermore I know how to measure the success of a podcast and I know exactly what numbers to look at. 

When I was at Radio LOUD I ended up being the CTO with 100s of shows broadcast as podcasts every week. 

Before being appointed CTO I was the Head of Podcasting. Here I assessed over 100 of very different podcasting concepts and whether to buy them or not. 

I helped and nurtured dozens of new podcasts from 0 to success. 

When I started the job we had 10.000 downloads a week. And a few months later we were close to 100.000 downloads a week.

So I know what I am doing.